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coreFFL Triple Threat

Everything you need to run your business starting at $79 per month!

Every business needs a point of sale, merchant service, and eCommerce presence to compete in the 21st Century. With coreFFL's Triple Threat, you get this and much more starting at $79 per month.

Retail Store Operations

coreSTORE sits at the heart of your retail store operations and provides all of the functions you need to operate your store, manage your inventory, and manage your business operations.

Even if you don’t have a physical store, you can still use coreSTORE for order entry and your salespeople. coreSTORE is a great fit for manufacturers and distributors, with full order entry and invoicing, special orders, assemblies and kits, online payment portal, and much more.

Simplified eCommerce

coreFIRE provides a customizable eCommerce platform for firearm dealers and gun ranges. coreFIRE’s provided templates ensure your business has an eCommerce solution that is easy to set up and manage, offering you the flexibility to display your brand in a way that sets you apart from the competition.

Merchant Processing

coreCLEAR is unlike other merchant processing services because we have broken through the layers of the credit card world and have been able to eliminate many of the middle layer costs. With no hidden fees, no monthly statement costs, no fuss and the ABSOLUTE BEST credit card terminals. We will provide you with a free detailed analysis of your current fees and how much we can save you, and if we can’t beat your current rates we will pay you $500.

Get rid of those dumb terminals and replace them with terminals that do a whole lot more than just process a credit card transaction. You can setup your own advertising banners, gather information from your customer, put up a survey to gauge their experience, and even have them sign an agreement or a waiver, this is all done right on the credit card terminal. As you’re ringing up the sale in coreSTORE, your customer will see the items that are being rung up, just like they are used to seeing when they shop for groceries.

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